Pre-Design: It all starts with your needs and ideas. The first step is to meet and discuss what you have, how you live, and what you want out of your home. We have years of experience in residential architecture and will help you understand the possibilities and limitations of your project. 


Schematic Design: This is where the fun starts. We will explore design possibilities and work to get you the best possible home. We'll put pen to paper and begin to draw different options to help you see what can be done. This part of the process is very collaborative and will continue working through how you want the house to function and look. 


Pricing + Design Development: Before final drawings, we encourage you to start talking to contractors to get a more detailed budget. While we can help with estimates based on square footage, a contractor will be more exact and knowledgeable about current construction costs. We can help you find a contractor and evaluate numbers. If your home is located in a historic district, we will also be applying for a Preservation Permit at this time. 


Construction Documents: Based on budget numbers and feedback, we will produce final construction drawings. These will give the contractor the necessary information to pull a permit and begin construction. 


Construction Administration: We will stay involved throughout construction with site visits, meetings with the contractor, and assistance with any questions or design changes in the field that may come up. 

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