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We love to take a clients’ visions and elaborate on them. And we love it when we show up to a meeting with a quick sketch detailing a last minute thought and the client is all about it. The owners of this house fell in love with the style and design of the historic house - small kitchen and bedrooms included. So when they thought about adding space, it wasn’t in the typical areas. Instead of a full two story addition, we designed a lower level space with bedrooms and a large terrace above with great views towards Shelby Park.


Initially we were going to keep a set of old narrow stairs to the lower level. But that last minute sketch explored the idea of keeping an existing exterior wall and wrapping a new stair around it with windows to let in a lot of natural light. That idea is now one of our favorite features on any of our projects. The light coming into that stairwell and the merging of historic with new is a great example of how good design can enhance your home and how you experience it.


Contractor: Veler & Co.

Photos: Nine12 Architects

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