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1707 BLAIR

1707 Blair is a large foursquare built around 1914. When the building was bought by the current owner it had been haphazardly divided up into 6 apartments. The house was in bad shape with rotting woodwork and even had snakes living in the concealed gutter in the eaves! The work that was done included a complete gut and renovation of the interior and an addition of about 1,200 square feet. The addition includes private porches and an exterior stair to access the new second floor condos. The goal with the new construction was to introduce a contemporary massing for the addition while respecting the historic character with traditional materials and details.


Four condos were created; two on the first floor and two on the second floor with roof decks and bonus loft space in the existing attic and new rear dormer. Great care was taken to respect the original house by opening up the floor plan to the historic window openings as well as the large front porch. The work done by Goodrum Construction also included new windows and flooring throughout, repaired interior and exterior trim and soffits, structural repairs, repairs to crumbling brick and stone details, and a fresh coat of paint, including the beautiful wood porch columns. This project won a preservation award in 2019.

Contractor: Goodrum Construction

Photos: Nine12 Architects

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